About Mark Brandes

I grew up in the Panhandle of Texas, spending every summer with my cousins on my uncle's farm. As a city-slicker kid, I felt so blessed learning to "ride Western" at a very young age. My reward for a day of hoeing weeds or painting fences was to saddle up "Ginger" and take a sunset ride out in the pasture.  I loved every single minutI spent in the saddle ... well, maybe not the time Ginger and I ran into an electrical fence ... and I was bareback! Helluva ride that was! But I stayed on ;-)

Little did I know back then that eventually I would marry my love for the horse with the skills God has given me as a portrait artist.  Creating fine art portraits of families and equestrians with the horses they love has brought me incredible professional and artistic satisfaction.

It seems to me that horses are often just like another family member, and they should be honored by being in the family's portrait.  Long after they have been "put out to pasture", they will be fondly remembered for the role they played in showing love, teaching discipline, and providing hours of riding pleasure. Ginger has left for greener pastures, but I still have some great images to remember her by.

If you've never considered a family portrait with your horse or horses, there's no better time than today. Your family and your home will be blessed with a fine work of art that illustrates ALL the important relationships you enjoy.