Commissioning A Portrait

Commissioning a portrait with Mark Brandes begins with an initial consultation at his Westlake Village Studio, his Costa Mesa Studio, or at your home. The goal of this appointment is for Mark to get to know you, and your family members, and for Mark to know more about your desires for your artpiece. Based on this pre-portrait discussion, Mark will design the concept of your portrait. There is no obligation for this initial appointment. Phone consultations with Mark are possible if you are outside the Southern California area.

At this appointment, Mark will also review the pricing for the creation of your portrait. There is a fee for the camera study to create the initial images for the portrait.  The camera study can take place at your home stable, or other location where your horse is stabled. Mark also creates portraits out in trail environments.

The Brandes studio specializes in painted portraits, as shown here, but also can create photographic portraits. Mark is best known for his beautiful paintings of larger groups that might grace the entry of a home, or the wall over a fireplace.

The lifestyle of a family whose lives are deeply involved with horses should be celebrated. Imagine a work of art hanging in your home that captures the story of your family's equine lifestyle. Could there be any better way to decorate your home?